Our DAYCARE facility caters for puppies, as well as fully grown small to medium sized breeds, or larger breeds that grow up with us from pup’s.

We are open MONDAY to FRIDAY from 6:30AM – 18:00PM.

Here at Puppy Ripples, our objective is to eliminate unwanted behaviour that often manifests itself through boredom by providing your pups with optimum social interaction.  Our dogs enjoy the freedom of fun-filled playtimes with no restrictions of leashes or cages.  Running, jumping, throwing balls, playing tug of war, digging in the sand pits, lavishing in a well-appreciated belly rub or cooling off in the doggy splash pool are just some of the many activities our dogs at Puppy Ripples spontaneously involve themselves in.

Have peace of mind knowing that your fury friend is not alone at home.  They are safe, well looked after and happily enjoying their day while you are out at work.