You going out of town for the weekend and need a place for your adored Jack Russell’s to stay. You know you don’t want to put them in kennels!!! What will you do???

You have just got the cutest little Spaniel puppy, like my Lua. She’s so precious & too small to leave at home while you go to work everyday. What will you do???

Your once amazing Ridgeback adolescent puppy just chewed on your favourite couch while you were out. What will you do???

You take your Labrador puppy to the beach & he gets so excited, he runs around  & wants to play with the other dogs. But when you leave for work, he gives you those puppy dog eyes,  saying he’s going to be so lonely while you are away. What will you do???

Well, we’ve got the answer for you. These are some of the many reasons why Puppy Ripples exists to help you out in your time of need.

We offer services such as Daycare. Where you can bring your Spaniel puppy, so she won’t be alone in the day, or your Ridgeback so he won’t chew on all your furniture. Here they can play and get rid of all that energy, which can become destructive if pent up.

Another service we offer is our Overnight service. Maybe you going away for Christmas, and really don’t want to put your little boy Max in a kennel. You want him to go somewhere where he can run around and play, and somewhere where he can sleep comfortably, safe and warm, in a homey environment. Somewhere where he’ll be looked after and loved.

While your dogs are here, there are other services we offer. Such as…

  • tick and flea protection,
  • Bath`s on request
  • library of books for self help information

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