Can I inspect your facilities?

Certainly! You will need to make an appointment and bring your puppy with you, as we would love to meet with the both of you and show you around The Ripples.

Is my dog to old or big for The Ripples?

There is no age discrimination here; we have had dogs that were as old as 17 staying with us. The temperament and size of your dog would be what we want to look at. If you have a big dog who doesn’t like playing with other dogs or having dogs around him, then sadly, Puppy Ripples isn’t the place for your dog.

What must I bring for my dogs stay at The Ripples?

There is no need to bring your puppies bed; we have a huge supply of clean and comfortable bedding for your baby dog to have a good night’s sleep.

As well as no need to bring their bowls, we have a range of sizes of clean bowls for your pooch to use during their stay.

Due to there always being multiple dogs staying over, we don’t want to promote runny tummies or dogs not eating due to being fussy, so you will need to bring their food that they eat at home.

Last thing to bring with you will be their vet vaccinations book; we keep a record of all the vet books to assure that every dog that comes to The Ripples is healthy. They will need to be up to date with all their vaccinations and have a Kennel Cough immunization as early as possible before arrival.

What happens if my dog gets ill while staying over at The Ripples?

At the first sign of your puppy not acting themselves, or other visible signs that thing are not well, we will give you a call while they will be under closer scrutiny, and if there is any concern they will be taken to the vet ASAP, obviously with your permission.

Do fights occur?

With a group of playful, energetic dogs, there is always the chance of either a male trying to be dominant, or a battle of wills. So there will be snaps here and there, but this is NOT the norm, at all! It is the rare occasion, you can be guaranteed there is NOTHING serious that has EVER happened. With someone here to watch them and look after them, those snaps never develop into full blown fights, at the worst a scratch on the nose. So there is really nothing ever to worry about.

If I received a dog, who in the interview process didn’t come across to be aggressive, but later showed signs of aggression; didn’t listen to authority or discipline and/or became unruly, he/she would be kindly asked to leave The Ripples. If the owner is unable to collect their dog that day (maybe away on an overseas trip) then there is another fenced off area where they will be kept, with enough room to run around and enjoy the rest of their stay at The Ripples, just without the other dogs around them.

How do you discipline the dogs that stay with you?

My first method will be to call the dog’s name, sternly, showing my index finger. If they still do not listen, then I bring out the rolled up newspaper and will smack myself on the leg or a wall close by, as it is the sound of the newspaper which gets their attention, and distracts them from whatever unwanted behaviour they were doing (this normally works 90% of the time). If they still do not listen however, I will then smack them with the newspaper, and turn them on their back’s in the submission position. And the last measure would be time out to calm down, and then put back with the rest of the dogs once they have had time to chill out.

Do you take in cats and/or kittens?