My husband and I recently bought a little puppy and it didn’t take very long before we had become very attached to her. We had unknowingly bought Oreo when she was still too young to be taken away from her mom and so after a visit to the vet we had started her on puppy milk formula. As my husband and I both work, we were unsure of how we were going to take care of her during the day, especially as she was in need of constant, specialized care. After a visit to the vet shop, a recommendation was made that we send her to Puppy Ripples. They took such good care of her and even sent me sms updates of how she was doing. She is now an active, happy little puppy and absolutely loves going to Puppy Ripples where she gets given the very best care.

Her little tail wags as soon as we put her in the car in the mornings and she comes home thoroughly exhausted after a day of playing and lots of loving attention. We recommend Puppy Ripple’s services unconditionally to any pet owner looking for the very best daycare for their furry companions. The service she has provided us has been nothing less than outstanding. A very note-worthy added extra is the information pamphlet, rogz dog blanket and doggie treat that your pet will be sent home with after its first day at  Puppy Ripples. The pamphlet contains important information regarding immunizations and general pet care instructions, demonstrating the dedication to giving your pet the care it deserves.

All in all, a five star, professionally run day care & holiday care for your beloved pet!

Natalie & Brent (2010)

Thanks to Puppy Ripples

My husband Ryan suggested we get a puppy a year ago and at first I was not keen on the idea as we both have full day jobs and I couldn’t bear to think of leaving my little baby at home all alone.  After a lot of thought Ryan eventually convinced me and said he would take our new pup to work every day until he was older so I gave in and felt happy about it.  After our Bulldog Winston was 4 months Ryan found Puppy Ripples and it has been the best thing for us and Winston.  We drop him off 3 times a week,  as we have a maid on the other 2 days so he stays home with her, and feel happy that he is in good hands and taken care of all day at daycare while we work.

They are excellent and I can see she too loves animals and her job, so this gives you that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your baby is well taken care of and gets to socialize with other animals.

Winston is really our life and we would do anything to make sure he is happy, free and loved.  I hate to think of some animals that are locked up and not as fortunate as ours.

Dee (2010)

I have been taking my 2 Jack Russell’s to Puppy Ripples since they were 12 weeks old (6 years ago).  I travel frequently, locally and internationally,  and I also know that ‘my babies’ are in capable, loving hands.  The attention & love that they dote on my (and the other) dogs is sincere, natural and immense.  I am always the first to know if they have been out of sorts and I know I can trust them to seek medical opinion if the need arises.  I suppose the real sign is the eagerness of the two of them to get out the car when I arrive at Puppy Ripples – like two bullets to the door! As the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’    

Thanks Puppy Ripples, you take a big load off my mind!

Jill (2009)

Towards the end of last year (2006) a 5 week old fluffy pavement special became mine and I was faced with the dilemma of where to leave JoJo as my work has forced me to become a member of the frequent traveller fraternity.

I wanted a place where JoJo would feel at home, a place where he will get cuddles and kisses and care. At Puppy Ripples provide this and more! Often when I am pressed for time and do not have patience to explain to JoJo why he only has 2 minutes to shovel his breakfast and not 10 minutes, I deliver a loudly protesting JoJo and I leave knowing he will get fed.

My favourite however, is the fact that I get to enjoy all my spare time with him. We run on the beach, throw ball, catch fish in the fish pond, work in the garden and then I get to deliver a grubby beige special. At the end of a long days work, I love it when a hand stretches out the door with a fluffy white puppy attached!!!

As we drive towards Puppy Ripples, my heart both aches and is pleased to see JoJo get more and more excited as he approaches. I dare not keep him in the car a second longer than he has to be, and if I am not careful he jumps out faster than I can grab him and he barks anxiously at the gate waiting to be let in to go and play with all his friends. At the end of every evening, my little boy comes running to the gate once again ready to go home. The fact that JoJo does not tremble as we approach his home away from home and that he is always so full of energy (a bit too much sometimes) and the way his whole body shakes because his tail is wagging so strongly when he see’s where we are, is the best testament to the wonderful place that Puppy Ripples is and with this knowledge I confidently leave my most prized possession in their loving care.

Elena (2008)

We highly recommend Puppy Ripples! Our dog Minky has been a daily boarder and an overnight visitor at Puppy Ripples. The environment is totally dog friendly, Minky gets to play all day inside and outside under the supervision of the ladies there. Puppy Ripples is Minky’s home from home and I have complete peace of mind

knowing that she is safe and well cared for while I am at work or away from home!

Lindsay & Tassin (2007)

Thank you for taking such good care of Coco. I can see that she is really happy with you guys. I hope she is not too naughty. You make a new experience of having a puppy 100% easier than I thought.

Yolande. (2008)

Hope this finds you ok? We just wanted to say thank you very much for taking such good care of our baby for us. You will never understand how much it means to us. Thank you once again.

Leanne, Kevin and of course Chevy (2007)

I cannot thank you enough for being there for me when I got my first puppy.

My family all thought I was mad for taking on Coco but we bonded immediately and he was mine from the minute I first saw him.  But what to do with him all day long? He used to sit at the fence crying as I left for work (with me crying in the car) and he was so bored during the day that he’d destroy all the blankets or toys and dig (my garden was like a mine dump).  A very active little pup with nothing to do all day and a new “mom” who was at her wits end.

Then at the vet shop I saw your business card and it changed my life.  And Coco’s.  The very first time I dropped him off I was convinced he thought I was leaving him and I was so stressed and worried, but a follow up call from them put my mind at rest that Coco was having the time of his life.  Thereafter, every time we turned the corner from the coast road he would get so excited and start “talking” and pacing up and down the back of the car. He couldn’t wait to get inside. But what a changed little puppy!

He stopped destroying his blanket and toys, his mouthing and tearing at clothes ceased.  I could go to work and know that Coco would play his little heart out and work off all his energy and not be sitting waiting at the gate for me.

And then it was time to get him a little sister.  I took two weeks leave and then the first thing I did was drop her off with Coco at Puppy Ripples.  What a wonderful sense of relief to know that she would have lots of playmates, love and attention while I was at work all day.  They both can hardly wait to get out of the car when we arrive at Puppy Ripples and come home exhausted and relaxed!

Needless to say that when I renovated my house, I had no worries about where the doggies would stay – Puppy Ripples.

Puppy Ripples is a home away from home for my doggies and it is so obvious that they love the doggies and their care and happiness is her main focus.  I cannot think of anywhere else where I would feel so secure leaving my precious babies.  Even my parents (who thought I was mad taking my dogs to doggy day care) now take their dog – you have won over not only our doggies hearts but ours too.

I can recommend Puppy Ripples for an only dog that stays at home all day, a very energetic dog that needs to get rid of all that pent up energy, puppies needing socialisation and could go on and on and on.

Thank you team for being the special people you are.   Lynn (2010)

We got a mixed Collie/Retriever/Spaniel puppy last July, and as I was not working at the time I was confident I would be around to look after him during the day.  This worked fine until January this year when I got a contract for 4 months.  As Riley is very energetic and needs a lot of stimulation and exercise, I knew I couldn’t leave him home alone. Not sure what to do, I looked on the internet and found Puppy Ripples!

They show so much love to the dogs in her care that Riley has never been happier.  I started him only 3 days a week, as I have a maid at home the other 2 days, but this didn’t last long as he made it very clear he would rather be at Puppy Ripples every day, by chewing up the furniture!  I recently stopped work for 6 weeks and every day when I took the kids to school he tried to get in the car to go back to day care.

The day I brought him back he stood up in the car the moment I turned down the road to Puppy Ripples and nearly climbed over me in his excitement to get out of the car.  I have absolutely no doubt that Riley loves going every day and I think if he could he would be there over the weekend too!  Ruth (2010)

A booking from a customer:

How are you? How is Fudge and all my other friends there at Puppy Ripples?

Mommy and Daddy are going up to Joburg for my great uncle’s 60th and would like it very much if I came to stay with you!!

I will be dropped off on Friday 1 April and collected on Monday 4 April.

What time is the latest I should be with you on the Friday? I can come anytime cos they only fly early Sat morning.

Please send Mommy and Daddy the quote.

I can’t wait to come and play!

Mr Higgins

PS: I am getting a baby sister! MAGGIE-MAE arrives at the end of  May and she is a Wheaten Scottie.  You will definitely meet her too!

Monya (2011)

My two “fur kids” have been going to Puppy Ripples for the past three years. I can honestly say that it has been a house saver (my Bullmastiff has a taste for the finer furnishings in life, namely my Persian carpets, pool pump etc). My two little angels are well socialised and get along great with other dogs all thanks to the interaction and attention that they receive at the “Ripples” . The fact they are knackered when I pick them up is an added bonus! Max has friends that he can rough and tumble with during the day that are his own size, which is fantastic as Cleo being a mini Yorkie, and a good 40+ kg’s lighter takes bit of a pounding when Max gets over excited (she gives as good as she gets though) Max & Cleo will remain firm fixtures at Puppy Ripples.

Gillian (2010)